The Power of Water

We’ve all experienced those afternoon blahs…the headaches and mood swings and cravings. Most of us assume that we are hungry.  We automatically reach for a snack. But did you know that you are most likely dehydrated? Your body is actually trying to tell you that it is thirsty!

One of the simplest ways to make a dramatic difference in your health is through water! On average, Americans consume 235 empty calories a day through beverages. Simply replacing soda with water, without changing anything else about one’s eating and exercise habits, can translate into a significant – and healthy – weight loss.

Challenge yourself this week to drink more water. Instead of picking up that candy bar this afternoon, drink 8 ounces of water first and see if you are still “hungry”. Replace at least one soda a day with water, and increase that daily until you have totally cut soda out of your diet. You will like the changes you see!