Children Need You

The childhood obesity rates in America are staggering and on the rise.  Here is one way for us all to help. This article was posted by lunchbox advocates, and I couldn’t have said it better myself!

Our kids deserve food with better standards than a highly processed cheap meal with no limits on salt or sugar content. They need nourishing meals which include fresh vegetables, fruits, and whole grains in order to thrive. We must speak up for our children until the meals they are being offered by the National School Lunch Program are truly balanced and will promote their health and ability to learn. There are bills before Congress throughout the year that impact the food children are eating in schools, but standards and food will only improve if we take action now. Please contact your elected officials and speak up for better food for all kids.

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  1. haha… lunch ? what is that? My kids school lunch costs 3.75$ a meal. That would be over 15 $ a day!!!!So, unfortunately I end up packing cheap, processed, and dangerous lunches in their lunch boxes……your blog is making me think!!!!!!!Keep em’ coming!

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