Eat Clean? What’s That?

If you know me personally, you have heard me use the term “eat clean” frequently. Eating clean is the best way to get, and keep, your body in optimal shape! But how many of you actually know what eating clean looks like?

The one thing eating clean is NOT is a diet! To put it simply, it means a lifestyle of eating the way God intended – fueling our bodies with fresh (preferably organic) fruits and vegetables with all of their nutrients intact, whole grains, and lean protein in several small meals throughout the day.

Eating clean does not require you to give up any food groups, it is about choosing foods that sustain our bodies instead of destroying them. When we fill our bodies with garbage, it’s energy will be used trying to get rid of it. If we want our bodies to perform at their best, we have to give them the right fuel. Think of it this way, if what you are eating has been processed by man in some way, it is not clean. Processed foods have added sodium and chemicals that our bodies just don’t need!

A good rule of thumb when shopping for clean foods is to stick to the outer perimeter of the grocery store. That’s where all of the fresh items are. Stay away from the aisles that contain packaged snacks and frozen meals. (Frozen vegetables are okay as long as nothing is added to them.) Buy fruits and vegetables rich in color and flavor and lean meats to keep you satisfied throughout the day. When you eat clean, and eat every few hours, you won’t feel tired or hungry.

Eating clean is a way of life that will make you feel, and look, great! The best resource that I use and recommend often is “The Eat Clean Diet” by Tosca Reno. This amazing book gives detailed, practical tips on eating clean and great recipes to help you implement clean eating into your life today!

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