Time Is NOT On Your Side

How many times have you said “I’m going to start eating healthy…tomorrow” or “Once things slow down at work, I’m going to start exercising”. We often have good intentions, but put them off until “Monday”.  I don’t know about you, but I’m not getting any younger!  I got a sad reminder this week that time really is not on our side – old or young!

In my “other life” I am a photographer.  I have had the same photo lab guy for at least 5 years – a one-of-a kind, super awesome guy!  He always brightened everyone’s day, and made sure orders were done right.  But he certainly did not eat right or exercise. Recently, he was having some health problems, and he told me his doctor told him he needed to lose weight.  We started discussing a weight loss plan, but hadn’t really put anything into action.  Then, yesterday, he died suddenly of a heart attack.  He knew there was a problem, and he understood that his eating/activity habits were the cause.  He was ready to make a positive change, but it was too late!  He was only 37 years old, and is leaving behind two beautiful young children.

I know this is a sad, depressing reminder, but I also hope that it is the motivation you might need to wake up and realize it’s time. Your life will not wait on you.  TODAY is the day that you need to take charge of your health!  If you are ready to make positive changes, and need help, please contact me!  I would love to help you reach your health goals.

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