Do Toning Shoes Really Work?

We’ve all seen the claims that these toning shoes will burn more calories, get you a better butt, and work muscles you didn’t even know you had!  I see people wearing them everywhere, even in group fitness classes.  But do they actually live up to their claims and their hefty price tags?

The American Council on Exercise did a study to determine just that – The Bottom Line: “Don’t buy these shoes because of the claims that you’re going to tone your butt more or burn more calories. That’s absolutely wrong,” says John Porcari, PH.D

“Across the board, none of the toning shoes showed statistically significant increases in either exercise response or muscle activation during any of the treadmill trials. There is simply no evidence to support the claims that these shoes will help wearers exercise more intensely, burn more calories or improve muscle strength and tone.

“When you think about it, it’s kind of the same old song and dance. People will still fall prey in their search for the quick-and-easy fitness solution. These shoes are just another attempt to find that magic bullet.”

My advice? Don’t rely on products or gimmicks for your health! Want a better butt? Eat clean, and do squats.  Want to burn more calories? Add more exercise. You are the only tool you need to look your best! 🙂

To read the full study done by The American Council on Exercise, visit the Ace Fitness site.

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