How to Survive the Asian Buffet

Your co-workers are all going out to the local asian buffet for a working meeting. You are trying to stick to your clean eating lifestyle, what do you do? A group of friends is going out to the all-you-can-eat asian buffet, but you are trying to lose weight.  Can you still go with them?

Asian food is my favorite!  The all-you-can-eat buffet is an easy way to completely stuff myself and be totally uncomfortable for days!  Those buffets are loaded with sodium, just waiting to bloat our stomachs and drain us of our energy.  BUT, there are some options if you want to risk it.

A lot of the all-you-can-eat buffets now include a Hibachi Grill.  This is the easist way to eat healthy! You can  load your plate with veggies, a few sprouts, and pick a lean meat like chicken. Ask them to grill it all with NO SAUCE, and you’ve got a healthy meal!

However, if they don’t have that option there, it’s a little trickier. Pick dishes that are mostly vegetables, stick with steamed brown rice, try to avoid sauces, and DEFINITELY skip the breaded and fried stuff. They usually have some great grilled green beans on the buffet! If they have sushi on their buffet, stick with small pieces that include vegetables, do not have sauce on top, and are not fried – and skip the soy sauce altogether!

Of course the key is portion control: ONE PLATE ONLY! Don’t go back for seconds. Eat very slowly so that as your friends go back to refill their plates, you still have something to eat. Eating slowly also allows your stomach time to tell your brain when you are full.  You will probably find that when you eat slowly, you don’t eat as much. This is an easy way to stay social without overeating. If you must go back for dessert, get the sorbet or sherbert.

The asian buffet is a risky place if you are trying to lose weight or lower your sodium, but you can still enjoy it if you stick to your plan!

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  1. I want a T-shirt that says “I Survived the Asian Buffet!” 🙂 Followed your advice yesterday with only one plate, more veggies & less fried choices (unfortunately there was no grill or sushi available). This morning, I expected ‘puffy eyes’ or a few pounds of ‘water weight’ when I stepped on the scale, but didn’t! Baby steps, baby, baby steps! 😀 Thanks for your support!

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