Toss The Gimmicks

There are NO quick fixes…wait, let me say it again, THERE ARE NO QUICK FIXES! 🙂 Getting healthy requires commitment and HARD WORK.  The only “quick fix” is accepting that fact, so that you can skip all the fads, and get straight to what works – eating clean and exercising!

One of my favorite quotes comes from Jeanette Jenkins via Twitter – “No Diet pill or hormone will give u longterm weightloss results. U MUST LIVE HEALTHY to LOOK HEALTHY!”

It’s tough tho because we are bombarded with quick fixes all the time: Toning Shoes, the Shake Weight, Wraps to lose 4 inches in 45 minutes, Celebrity Diets, The Sauna Suit, Power Pops, Slimming Belts, Pills to lose 10 pounds in a weekend, Drinks to drop pounds over night…etc. There’s a never ending array of pills and gadgets promising all kinds of things from weight loss to more muscles to better health. They use all forms of advertising and celebrity spokespeople to get that product in front of you.  And they are making lots of money!  With all of these fast-acting, 30-day money back guarantee products so readily available to us, there’s no reason we should still be struggling to be healthy right? But have you noticed a change in the health of America? I haven’t. And why is that? Because there is only one way to get healthy and stay that way – NUTRITION & EXERCISE.  I think we all know this fact – really we ALL know HOW to get healthy, but we are still sucked in by the prospect of getting it done fast and easy.

Now, I’m not saying that some of these products don’t have benefits.  If buying a pair of toning shoes causes you to walk more, then that’s certainly beneficial.  If buying a gadget for strength training causes you to start a strength training program, I’m all for that. If drinking a meal-replacement shake makes you more conscious of what you are eating all day, then start the day with it. But for the most part, you will see little to no results with these quick-fix products.  The results you do see usually go away just as quickly as they came.  More importantly, as with crash diets, a lot of the pills/shakes/drinks can be dangerous. There have been many diet products recalled due to the harmful effects. If there really was a product that worked quickly and gave you lasting results, we would all be in great shape!

Don’t be duped by all the fancy advertising and the false claims.  Don’t let the air brushed so-called after pictures lure you in.  Dig in your heels, and get it done the right way.  You’ll appreciate your results so much more when you acheive them with hard work and dedication, making you less likely to go back to your old habits. “Anything worth having is worth fighting for!”

This is a GREAT article by Paige Waehner on on Shortcuts vs Lifestyle Changes.

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  1. Nice reminder, Hether and you are absolutely right…if money could buy us into shape we would all be a lot slimmer and healthier!

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