Make Exercise a Family Affair

Physical activity is beneficial for everyone, including kids! If we can make exercise and good nutrition part of their everyday lives, kids will have a much better chance later in life at having a healthy lifestyle and keeping obesity at bay. Kids have so many sedentary activities like watching tv or playing video games, but with a little encouragement and involvement most kids love to run and play. In fact, most adults could take note of how kids just exercise without even thinking about it! Give a kid some open space, and what do they do? They run! Hand a kid a ball and they’ll bounce it, throw it and RUN with it! Kids are natural exercisers.

Find ways to make exercise fun for the whole family!  Pack a picnic lunch and spend the day at the park.  Take balls to throw, bikes to ride, climb on the playground and play chase! Walk the dogs as a family. Wash the cars by hand. Go roller skating. Get your kids involved in the yard work. Instead of board game night, have an active game night, like a jump rope or hula hoop competition. Rainy day? Get out and play in it! A little mud isn’t going to hurt. Climb trees. Sign up for an event together. There are lots of local active family events. Look in your area for family-friendly hikes, or 5k’s and fun runs. And my favorite: have a “dance party” in your living room! As long as no one else is watching of course. 🙂

Just like in every other area of your kid’s lives, they WANT you to be involved. When you get involved in their physical activity, you are showing them that it’s important to you. By being active yourself, they will be able to see that it’s not just something we need to talk about, but something we need to DO! You can teach them about being healthy without ever talking about it…just do it! (as Nike would say) Model good eating habits and lots of physical activity, and they will grow up with a healthy lifestyle that will benefit them for years to come!

Let’s all get out and GET ACTIVE!

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