San Francisco Bans Happy Meal Toys

I posted this article on my Facebook today, and it sparked a LOT of debate!  I praised the San Francisco government for looking out for their kids in this decision. I love discussions like this, so I wanted to share it here and get everyone’s thoughts.

The other side of the argument was that they didn’t feel that the government has a right to tell McDonald’s what to sell.  They insisted that it’s the parents responsibility to protect their kids. They stated more than once that they have a right to purchase Happy Meals if they choose, and that they don’t go to McDonald’s for healthy food. It was unanimous that they enjoyed Happy Meals once in a while, and didn’t see a problem with the toy.

Here was my point in congratulating the San Francisco government: kids under age 13 are the most marketed to age group in America -that speaks volumes. I’m concerned with that, not with McDonalds in itself, I choose not feed me or my kids that crap. This is a big step in controlling the marketing done to kids who can’t make the right decisions on their own. (obviously parents aren’t making right choices either, and that’s why childhood obesity is such a problem in America) By the way, I’m not for government controlling anything (if you know me, you know this), but in this case they see something that might help the problem that’s costing them billions of dollars, and parents should be happy that they are looking out for our kids this time!

Again, they didn’t make any decisions for you 🙂 They took away the marketing ploy that McDonalds was using to trick you all into spending money on crap and feeding it to your children. They made a decision for McDonalds, YOU still have the same option to buy a happy meal that you have always had.

This is not a decision that hinders the public from buying ANYTHING. It is simply regulating how the kids are marketed to. The people’s rights HAVE NOT CHANGED. For once, the government actually did a good thing and put the children of San Francisco first – the children that only want a happy meal for the toy, not b/c they actually want a happy meal… Parents still have the right to buy them a Happy Meal 🙂

I love that it’s caused such a debate! I would love to hear your thoughts, so please weigh in!

4 thoughts on “San Francisco Bans Happy Meal Toys

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  1. Personally, I like this. Parents in the country become more reckless with their childrens health every year, and corporations are not exactly keen to help. You know MccyD’s is loving the fact that they are hooking these kids for life. That’s why, with my kids, I won’t be taking them to McDonalds and letting them play in the playground and develop happy memories associated with fast food. Instead, every time we pass a McDonalds, I’m going to punch them in the face so that every time they even seen the giant golden arches sign, they’re going to flinch and run.

  2. “and parents should be happy that they are looking out for our kids this time!”

    You made my point for me…”this time.”

    What about next time? Do you think they will decide that “marketing” children’s books to promote acceptance of the gay lifestyle will be as beneficial?

    This is the San Francisco’s Board of Supervisor’s Mission Statement:
    Our mission

    The Board of Supervisors responds to the needs of the people of the City and County of San Francisco, establishes city policies, and adopts ordinances and resolutions.

    The needs of a community are subject to the bias of the leaders making those decisions. Was the need to protect the citizens from themselves, or to protect the citizens from McD’s?

    What is the Board’s track record. In other areas do they offer “protection” or do they encourage self gratuitous behavior that is unhealthy for the citizens?

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