The Dieter vs The Fit Person

I just finished up leading another season of Lakeshore’s Biggest Loser competition. The contestants lost a combined total of  141 pounds in 13 weeks!  It is so exciting to watch so many people making positive changes for their health. Some people reached their weight loss goal during this program, and are excited to be “done”. This is a note of encouragement to them, and to everyone who feels “done” with their get fit programs:

What separates the dieter from the fit person? Their mentality. 

The dieter has a goal weight in mind.  They do what it takes to reach that goal weight. They try fad diets, reach that magic number quickly, and then they’re done. They spend the whole diet thinking about when it will be over – sometimes even making a celebration list of foods they will eat once they have reached their goal. Once they reach the number on the scale they have decided is right for them, they go back to their normal ways, most of the time gaining the weight back and then some.

The fit person’s mentality: Health is a lifestyle. The fit person doesn’t have a magic number on the scale to achieve. Instead, they consistently lead a lifestyle of good nutrition and work exercise into their busy schedules in order to maintain health, not numbers. The weight comes off more slowly, but the commitment is there to keep it off.

How can we refocus ourselves to the fit person’s mentality? Change our motivation. If we are motivated solely by numbers, we will fail every time. Instead our motivation needs to be health. When we make being healthy our goal, we are never “done”! We will make choices daily to help us gain and maintain better health.

There will be no need to diet (or spend money on pre-packed diet program foods) because our daily food choices will be focused on health – fresh fruits and vegetables being our staples. We won’t need to join the latest fitness craze because regular exercise will be a part of our every day schedule. We won’t waste money on weight loss gimmicks because our lifestyle will help us reach and maintain a healthy weight – the weight that is right for us.

Lifestyle changes don’t have to me made all at once.  Changing small things can make big changes in your health.  For example, simply replacing soda with water will eliminate bloating from carbonation, a lot of sugar (or artificial “diet” sweeteners), and a bunch of other chemicals from your daily diet.

Make small changes until you have reached a healthy lifestyle, and you CAN be a fit person!

4 thoughts on “The Dieter vs The Fit Person

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  1. I just reposted your blog on facebook! You are doing an awesome job with the Biggest Loser and all your other fitness challenges. I love it! You are helping change so many lives!

  2. This is such a fabulous post! I got in the best shape of my life after switching from the dieter mentality to the fit one. And actually, after I have this baby, I plan on not weighing at all and just focusing on living a healthy life to get back in shape more naturally. 🙂

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