The Power of OUR Dollar

The recent news about San Francisco’s ban on the Happy Meal Toy sparked lots of debate.  The mayor has announced that he will veto this bill, but the discussion it’s caused has been excellent. I think that the majority agrees that it’s the parent’s responsibility to make these decisions, and not the governments.   I really like what Dr. Phil had to say in his interview with Anderson Cooper HERE.

It is SO true that we still have the power! The power of our dollars goes a long way.  We are being sold crap disguised as food because we have shown that we are willing to buy it.  If we stand up and demand that quality food is sold, we can cause change.  Anderson Cooper mentioned in that interview that consumers told Wal-Mart they wanted better quality yogurt, and Wal-Mart listened. And when companies like Wal-Mart do something, other companies take note. If we tell restaurants and food chains and grocery stores that we want quality food, and refuse to spend money with them until we get it, they will have to listen and make changes:

Talk to your grocery store managers. Let them know the kinds of food you are willing to buy. Demand quality produce!

Talk to your restaurant managers.  Ask them about getting better food options on their menus. Don’t eat crappy fast food.  Let the managers know that you want a quality “happy meal” for your kids, and you won’t shop there until it’s provided. Fast food chains are already listening.  They are all trying to jump on the health bandwagon by offering health(ier) options.

Go into your child’s school and talk with the staff and cafeteria workers.  Let them know why you pack your child’s lunches every day.  Get involved and active in creating change in the school lunch. We need to voice our dissatisfaction, but the more parents that are willing to be involved in the change, the faster change will happen.

I see a lot of positive changes happening in the food industry. There is still a long way to go, but they’ve come a long way!  All because, we, the consumers, are dictating what we want. Don’t be afraid to use your voice, and especially your dollars!

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