When and How to Talk to Kids about Healthy Eating

Question from reader: My kids are both so young.  When is the best time, and what is the best way to talk to them about eating healthy?

Answer: Great question! I am very passionate about teaching the next generation about living a healthy lifestyle! I’ve always tried not to make it “formal” talks, but a constant conversation.  Since my kids were small, we have always had open conversations about the food we eat, and the importance of taking care of our bodies through nutrition and exercise.

Get your kids in the kitchen! Kids love to cook, and it’s a great way to spend some quality time together. Have them help you while teaching them that cooking your own food tastes better, and is better for you than fast food.

Pack their lunches instead of relying on the school to feed them (school lunches are scary!).

Get active with your kids! Play outside, go for hikes, exercise together, so they see that it’s important to you.

Example is always the best teacher!

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