The Skinny on Diet Sweeteners

This blog is coming out of a conversation with a close friend who has Type 1 Diabetes. This person was drinking a diet soda, and I asked them if they ever just drink water.  Their justification was “This is one thing I can have as much as I want of.”  I hear this same claim made by formerly obese people.  Now that they have lost the weight, they feel that chemical sweeteners will help keep them thin.

Diabetes may be a common disease these days, but it is still misunderstood.  Most people think diabetes is simply a disease that means you just can’t eat sugar. The artificial sugar industry markets fake sugars as totally harmless to the diabetic, and tempts them into believing they can eat and drink all they want by “tricking” their bodies says Dr. Janet Starr Hull. She has written an excellent book that lays out her findings on sucralose. Dr. Hull states that everyone needs to know that there is a difference between sugars – natural sugar, refined sugar, and corn syrup.  Sugar is like a two-sided coin: heads – if natural, it can be useful to the body, and tails – if altered by man, it can be harmful to the body.

Research is starting to show some pretty scary findings on chemical sweeteners.  It is linking them to Diabetes, Cancer, Obesity, mental disorders, ADHD, and more!  A diet of chemical foods means a diet of malnutrition, and when the body is starved of nutrients, it becomes mentally and physically stressed.  I can personally attest that removing chemicals from your children’s diet will make a huge improvement not only in their health, but also in their behavior!

I know you are wondering how you can lose weight without diet sweeteners, after all, natural, chemical free sugar has calories! But actually, artificial sweeteners have been found to stimulate appetite.  Your body is being tricked by the chemical in the sweetener instead of getting what it needs, therefore your body will tell you to eat, trying to get the things it needs.

When you eat clean, you will eliminate the need for artificial sweeteners.  In fact, nature’s food doesn’t need to be sweetened at all!

You can purchase Dr. Hull’s book here.

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  1. I like Blue Agave, and for friends who just can’t stop, or need the extra sweetness I tell them to use this. Even in coffee or tea, and you only need one small drop!

  2. You are spot on Hether. All the research done on weight loss and artificial sweetners shows that the participants gained weight using artificial sweetners. It is mainly because of the stimulation of appetite that you mentioned but also the psychological aspect of “my drink doesn’t have any calories so I can eat more.” These 2 facts of course ignore all the nasty chemical side effects of these sweeteners. The #1 reason for calls to the CDC for adverse reactions to food additives is aspertame which is Nutrasweet. I could go on forever about this topic. Thanks for letting your readers know Hether!

  3. Very true,very true. I am always very cautious when it comes to blaming all of the worlds medical ills on certain things.However, I can as a nurse emphatically tell you that there are two research studies that are right on and have factual findings supported by long term studies and data. One is the dangerous effects of aspertame, and two is the dangerous effects of MSG. Studies and medical data in these two areas just don’t lie. Once people find out the true nature of MSG they usually flip. It is an artificial chemical that literally manipulates the neurotransmitters of the brain into thinking the food you are eating tastes better. It is not a flavoring… is a food enhancer.It literally manipulates the brain into believing your food tastes better.
    The CDC and FDA ignore the date because it keeps the cost of food down and enhances cheap food. Nutrasweet has a very powerful lobbying force and have managed to keep most of the findings quiet.
    You are right, good food does not need sweetener or flavor enhancers because it is naturally flavored. Mind you, that lab grown tomatoe is not going to have the flavor of a vine ripened one. I despise the taste of artificial sweetners, but I am a sucker for processed sugar.
    I firmly believe the government sponsored manipulation of Americas food has brought with it many dire medical consequences. I am thoroughly convinced we will find a link one day between food preservatives, flavorings and autism.
    God created the body to respond to certain nutrients on a CELLULAR level. Eating processed and manipulated food changes that delicate balance.
    I just wish it weren’t so darn expensive to eat the RIGHT way.
    keep the blogs coming!I love it!

  4. I completely agree with you about artificial sweeteners! I let my kids have sugar rather than artificial sweeteners. Another part of our diets that needs to be reformed is the extraordinary emphasis on beef, pork, and poultry as being necessary for two to three meals a day. If people educate themselves about what is being injected into factory-farmed animals, and the artificial conditions under which they are “raised” or “farmed” they would be aghast. When you eat an animal, you eat all they ate and their antibiotics, too! I don’t advocate giving up meat completely, I think that scares too many people, but reducing meat consumption is a healthier way to live. Vegetables, fruits, nuts, and legumes are some of the healthiest stuff out there. And you’re right, they don’t need much added to taste delicious.

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