What’s all this about GM Alfalfa?

If you’ve been catching all the press lately about GM Alfalfa, Whole Foods, Stonyfield, and Organic Valley, you may be wondering what these words mean, and what is going on? GM stands for genetically modified. The USDA is planning to deregulate alfalfa – meaning, in simple terms, that the gm alfalfa crops will be planted and spread contamination to organic farms across the nation. The big news is about how these 3 giant organic companies are trying to coexist with the biotech companies, and going along with this ruling by the USDA.

There have been several conflicting reports – some that bash these companies for selling out, and others that praise them for their efforts in fighting for labeling. All these major companies have released their own statements as well defending their positions. The articles use confusing, manipulative language that is meant to be hard to understand. Is there a hidden agenda? Are we lashing out at the wrong people? Who is telling the truth? How are we, as consumers, supposed to know what to believe?!

While I don’t understand all the lingo, nor do I understand the situation, I do understand one thing – I personally do not want to purchase anything that’s been genetically modified.  I don’t want to eat it myself.  I do not want to feed it to my family. And there is only one way to know for sure that I’m not getting contaminated produce – to personally know who is growing my food!

Whether you understand what’s going on in the news or not, you NEED to understand where your food is coming from.  If you are not growing your food yourself, you need to get to know your local farmers. Ask them about their standards.  Are they certified organic? Find a farmer that you trust, and participate in a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture).

I am personally getting my produce from a local farm near me called Delvin Farms.  The farmers there love to have their customers come out to the farm – to get to know them, to see what goes on, to learn where their food is coming from. I know my farmers personally, I see the high standards used in growing my food.  I get my food the same day it is picked, so I know it’s fresh.  I don’t have to place my trust in a large corporation that may or may not be selling out to biotech engineering.  I don’t have to worry as much about these big news stories because I KNOW how my food is grown!

If you have never checked out a local CSA, I really encourage you to. The peace of mind that comes with knowing exactly what you are feeding your family is well worth it!

If you are interested in reading up on the latest news, here are the links:

Organic Consumers Association

Whole Foods Statement

Stoneyfield’s Statement

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