It’s National Nutrition Month®! Eat Your Colors!

March is National Nutrition Month®!  The American Diabetic Association’s Eat Right™ campaign focuses on “Eat Right with Color”.  Not only is this a great campaign for teaching our kids about eating right, but adults can learn a thing or two as well!

What does it mean to “Eat Right with Color”? If you look at the typical American dinner plate, it’s pretty bland in the color area – white bread, white potatoes, brown meat, and maybe a yellow vegetable – when instead our plates should show an array of color at each meal!  Our meals should have the rich color of berries, the dark greens of leafy vegetables, the bright oranges and reds of sweet and red potatoes, red tomatoes, the rainbow of colors from fruit and peppers.  The foods that are the best for us, and include the most nutrients are typically rich in color.  White, or bland colored foods are typically high in carbs or starches, like bread and white rice. Limiting those bland colored foods, and loading our plates with color will make significant good changes in our body’s health.

A great way to get kids involved in eating healthy (and ourselves too) is to challenge them to eat at least three different colors, including something green, at every meal.  Make it a game!

Let’s all focus on Nutrition this month and “Eat Right with Colors“!

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