Controversial Truth

“What we eat today affects our health 20 years from now.”  This is true as adults, but it is also true for our children! “Aw, they’re just kids!” or “Let them be kids, they can worry about that stuff later.” are phrases that infuriate me! 🙂

As parents, we want to make our children happy, so we take them to McDonald’s because they saw a commercial for a happy meal toy. We don’t want them to feel left out at parties, so we let them indulge in the cake and candy and vending machines.  We don’t want them to not fit in with their peers, so we let them drink soda. The schools reward them with candy, and serve them the cheapest junk for lunch. We promise them candy for being good, or even for going to the doctor.  But what price will they pay for all this?

Our kids NEED us to take a stand.  They simply cannot make wise choices on their own – they are children.  We as their parents should be setting an example, and teaching them about why those things should only be enjoyed in extreme moderation.  A lot of the time, we are giving these things to our kids to protect their feelings….but shouldn’t we be far more concerned with protecting their health?!

Strong4Life, the children’s health campaign launched by the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Pediatric Hospital last year, is out with a haunting new ad called “Stop the Cycle” that looks at how the decisions parents make for their kids during childhood can affect their health as adults.

I am impressed with their stand and message! Have you seen the ad? Watch it here, and let me know what you think: Strong4Life

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