Exercise is Supposed to be FUN!

People tell me all the time that they don’t exercise because they just don’t enjoy it.  I always try to help them find something active that they love because exercise should be fun!  If we find something that we love to do, then it doesn’t feel like a chore. Of course if we are trying to exercise in a form that we hate, it will be super hard to get out of bed, or remember to take our workout clothes to work. Find something you love, and you’ll be excited to get up early, or you’ll rush out of work to get that class you’re so excited about.

When I first started running, I always had such a sense of  joy and accomplishment.  I didn’t necessarily enjoy the running, but the end always felt great!  I was so excited about my first half marathon, and as soon as it was over, I got that runner’s high everyone talks about.  I immediately registered for another half, and began training.  With each half marathon I completed, I felt more accomplished – racing against myself to beat my last time.  But after a while, I started getting less and less excited.  In fact the last half marathon that I ran (#6 or #7, I can’t remember), I didn’t even train at all.  I still had a pretty good time even without training, and that excited me. It made me determined to finally train to reach that goal time I’ve had in my head forever.  So I registered for my favorite half marathon course, and set up a training schedule. However, when it came time for my first training run, I was NOT excited.  I had to force myself to show up, and just didn’t enjoy it at all.  I have only run a few times since then (my race is only a month away!), and I’ve felt the same way every time. I force myself to show up, I don’t push myself, and I quit without hesitation. I now understand what people mean when they say they just don’t enjoy exercise. It’s awful!

BUT, I DO enjoy exercise – I LOVE to dance, I love to strength train, and I love plyometric training. So you know what?  Those are the things I’m going to do!  I will most likely run in this half marathon because I already paid for it, and it’s a very popular race that sells out within hours.  But I’ll hang up my running shoes for a while after this.  I won’t run it in the time I was hoping for, but I’ll complete it.  And I’m sure down the road sometime, I’ll reclaim my joy of running.  But for now, I’m going to stick with what I love.  Because when you are doing something that you love, you are having fun!  And fun doesn’t feel like work. 🙂 I have never once dreaded a Zumba class!

*It’s always ok to change up our workouts!  If we do the same thing over and over, it becomes mundane, and boring.  That’s why I offer such a variety of classes – to keep our bodies guessing, and our minds engaged!  Check out my full line up here.

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