Fresh Start 2013 Recap

Our third annual Fresh Start Fitness on Saturday, January 12, was a huge success!  Thank you to all of the wonderful volunteers – tech crew, set up/tear down crew, greeters, vendors, speakers, etc. who put in your time and effort to help make the day amazing!!  I hope you all were able to make it out, but if not, here is a recap:

We started the day with a Kick-Off Party where Hether Crawford led a Zumba song, and Cory Chapman led a Boot Camp demo, with the help of some awesome volunteers on stage. Everyone in the 
crowd got to participate, getting their heart rates up and their blood pumping! We were ready for the day.

FSF13 (10)

FSF13 (2)

FSF13 (13)

FSF13 (14)

FSF13 (3)

Rebekah Downing, of Juice Plus+, taught us what Clean Eating is all about, and why it is so important. There are some pretty scary statistics out there, but there’s also some GREAT news!  Almost all of these scary statistics can be turned around with clean eating and exercise!

FSF13 (4)

Wendy Michelle, of The Kitchen Approach, then showed us what Clean Eating looks like in our everyday lives.  No, we don’t have to give up whole food groups or deprive ourselves of our favorite foods, we just need to approach them in a different way. In fact, we all got to sample some of Wendy’s yummy Mac N Cheese! And Ella was super excited to try some of her pudding.

FSF13 (8)

Ashley Siebert led us all in a sample Kickboxing class.  We had some very eager volunteers ready to punch out some that work week stress!

FSF13 (20)

FSF13 (6)

FSF13 (7) We had so many great vendors at this year’s event, and their set-ups looked great! We got lots of great information, there were giveaways, and yummy samples – everyone enjoyed our vendors.

FSF13 (1)

FSF13 (17)

FSF13 (18)

FSF13 1

FSF13 2

FSF13 3

FSF13 4

FSF13 6

FSF13 7

FSF13 9

FSF13 10

FSF13 8


FSF13 (9) Our finale was the keynote speaker, Lauren Lee of NBC’s The Biggest Loser, season 13.  Lauren shared her inspiring story of losing 89 pounds AFTER being voted off of the show at only week 3. She had a fun time of q & a as well.

FSF13 (19)

Lauren was so friendly and outgoing – she loved talking to everyone at the meet and greet, and was excited to spend time with some of the kids in attendance as well.

FSF13 (11)

FSF13 (16)

FSF13 (12)

Overall, it was and amazing day! I hope that everyone learned a lot, and got inspired to make 2013 their best year yet! For information on all that Hether Fitness has to offer, check out the “classes” tab and the  “special events” tab at the top of the page.

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  1. Fresh Start Fitness 2013 was a great event. Lakeshore Christian Church was honored to be the host sponsor. Hether Crawford and her team did an amazing job making it both fun and inspirational!

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