#bodypositivechallenge – Week 1

Are you always focused on your “flaws”, or changing your body?  Do you have negative self-talk daily?  THAT is what I want to focus on this week. – changing that negative self-talk!  

At the beginning of every “Biggest Loser Challenge” that I lead, I have my participants fill out a personal survey.  The point of the survey is for us to make a conscious list of all the things we love about ourselves and that others love about us that have nothing to do with weight or physical appearance.  We will use this survey to remind ourselves of all the POSITIVE things we can be saying to ourselves instead of our usual dialogue. 

This is for your eyes only, so please fill out honestly!  I know that this is a really hard exercise for a lot of us, but take the time and really toot your own horn. 🙂 Need help? Ask your best friends what they think some of the answers should be. Then you can post it on your mirror to see every day or put someplace private (but make sure you pull it out and read it every day!).  Start getting these things in your head.  We will build on this each week – YOU are enough!

How would you describe yourself in one word?


What would YOUR FRIENDS say is your best quality?


What would YOU say is your best quality?


Name 3 things you are good at:





Name 3 things you like to do for fun:





What is one thing you used to do as a child that you wish you could still do today?  What keeps you from doing it?


Name one thing that’s on your bucket list:


Name one non weight loss goal you wish to accomplish in the near future (i.e. have more energy, break fast food habit, get physically stronger, etc.):


What is your best physical feature (nothing is NOT an answer!)?


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