#bodypositivechallenge – Week 2

Have you heard the phrase “fake it til you make it”? Well that’s what we are going to start doing this week!

flawedLast week we made a list of our best qualities that were not physical in nature.  This week we are going to take a good, long look in the mirror.  Really look! First of all, point out the features of your body that you like – really point them out to yourself. Remember all the good things you are saying.  

Then look again – this time they way you normally look in the mirror.  Go ahead and pick yourself apart like you always do (because this is the LAST time you are allowed to do that!). Write down the negative thoughts.  Then beside each negative thing you wrote down, write down the positive thing you wish you felt.  These positive things are what you are going to start repeating to yourself everyday when you look in the mirror!  (example – negative: I hate these thunder thighs! positive: my thighs are beautiful and strong! I can walk and dance and carry things because of these amazing thighs.) I don’t need you to believe it right now.  In fact, it will probably feel really silly, awkward and wrong, but we are going to “fake it til we make it”! 

gorgeousDon’t worry, I KNOW this exercise feels really cheesy (I hear that from all my clients), but I also know that it WORKS! The more you tell yourself these positive things about your body, the more the negative will get crowded out. And the more those negative self-talk sessions get pushed out, the more we’ll start to believe the positive! And you know what? Whether you believe it right now or not, it’s the positive that’s TRUE.


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