#bodypositvechallenge – Week 3

lucilleI hope that you’ve been doing the mirror challenge every day for a week now!  Don’t stop!  That part of the challenge is ongoing…and every time in the future you start to feel that self loathing monster creep up, you can ALWAYS come back to this exercise to help you kick it out of your mind!

This week, we are going to focus on getting rid of those things around us that only fuel our negative body image.  I want you to pay close attention this week to what things make you feel.  When you are watching tv/movies, think about what the actors make you feel about your body.  When you are looking at celebrity news online or reading magazines, are you comparing yourself to what you see (sometimes without even knowing it)?  Are all your friends negative body talkers or do they body shame others? Any of these things that we answered yes to are things that we need to purge!thoughtschange

So pay attention this week to the things around you, and make a conscious effort to get rid of those things that only fuel our negative self-talk.  You may find that some of these things actually make you feel good about yourself, and that’s great.  Keep more of those things around!  It’s a process, and it takes time and thought, but we CAN change little things at a time to create a body positive mindset!



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