#bodypositivechallenge – Week 4

Beautiful2Coming into our final week of this #bodypositivechallenge I hope that you have taken the time to sincerely incorporate the challenges, and really tried to change your mindset about your own body.  When I first started this challenge, I quoted another blogger, and I want to come back to that quote for our final week: “If women made peace with their bodies, and each other, it would change everything…” Really read that quote and let it sink in. We most definitely are our own biggest critics, but women are also the biggest criticizers of other women! Why is that? Life is not a competition. We are ALL beautiful, and important, and special, and precious! flowers

This week, as we continue all of the past three week’s of challenges, we are also going to take a look at each other. How do we treat other women? Are we overly critical in our minds? Do we gossip with our friends and point out flaws of those around us? Every day this week, I want you to give a completely genuine compliment to another woman who is NOT in your close circle of friends. That woman might not be able to accept a compliment (most of us aren’t good at that), but do it anyway. Give the genuine compliment with a smile.  You will make her day whether she expresses that or not.

Women need each other, and we’ve got to stick together! Body image is a struggle for EVERY woman. Even that woman you consider to be beautiful or to have the perfect body – she is struggling with her body image. Your one small act of GENUINE kindness might be just what she needs this day to feel confident in herself.  Putting others down will NEVER make us feel better about ourselves, but building others up ALWAYS will!

“If women made peace with their bodies, and each other, it would change everything…”  Let’s change our world!


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