Eat Like Crap, Feel Like Crap

Did you know that when you eat crap, you feel like crap? Do you ever feel tired, sluggish, bloated, grouchy or a little blah after a meal?  You know the feeling- those fast food fries that looked so good or that big greasy pizza you were so excited about, feel great going in, but then the sluggishness sets in. You may get a stomach ache or even a headache.

Something else happens too – you actually start craving those crappy foods. Have you noticed it? I certainly have! I love Chinese food, but immediately after I over indulge my stomach bloats and I feel crappy. Yet, I still want that same meal again, even crave it. And I actually feel hungry pretty soon after I’ve eaten! It creates a vicious circle that’s hard to break. But the exciting thing is that the opposite is also true! When I make that Chinese food at home instead of ordering out, I don’t get that bloat and sluggishness. That’s because I’m using fresh ingredients and leaving out the chemicals used in restaurants or prepackaged foods. My body is getting things it recognizes and needs! When we give our bodies empty calories that don’t contain nutrients (like sugary snacks, soft drinks and fast food), our bodies still need those essential nutrients we deprived it of – we become grouchy, HUNGRY, crave bad foods and get tired from lack of fuel.

When you eat good foods, you feel good. When you start giving your body proper nutrition, it craves those nutrients. Our body knows what to do with whole food nutrition – leaving us full, satisfied, and energetic from proper fuel. How exciting is that?! I have personally found this to be very true. When I am focused on giving my body good clean whole foods, I actually start looking forward to those foods- even craving things like fresh fruits and big salads.  But during those times that I am being more lax with my diet, allowing some of those not so good for me foods in more frequently, I immediately notice a spike in sugar and salt cravings! This is so eye opening for me. I make it my goal to put as many good foods in my body every single day as I can – not only because I know it’s fueling, repairing and replenishing my body, but because I know that I’m crowding out all that bad stuff, the empty calories that only hurt my body.

I am so excited to tell you about something that has helped me and my family with this goal of fueling our bodies with nutrients! By adding in Juice Plus, I can flood my body with nutrients every single day. Fruits and vegetables in a capsule or gummie give my family over 30 fruits and vegetables every single day, and that’s just a no brainier for me. Having these nutrients in our bodies every day makes us crave more nutritious foods (remember that eat good, feel good experiment). We make better food choices, and feel great – it’s a win win!

Since also adding in the Juice Plus Complete protein shake mix, I’ve really noticed my sugar cravings going away. During the holidays, I participated in a Shred10 program using my Juice Plus products and I had SO much willpower! I drank 2 shakes a day and continued to take my trio capsules. I still very much enjoyed the holiday parties and get togethers and the food that come with them, but I found that I was not craving dessert or over eating those things I used to fill my plate with at these events. And even now if I feel like I might want something sweet, I know that if I drink my Juice Plus Complete chocolate shake, that craving is satisfied. Plus I’ve given my body more whole foods in an organic, vegan, gluten free, non gmo DELICIOUS shake! Since Shred10 went so well, I decided to continue with the 4 month program.  And now I have taken all that I learned and turned it into a 365 lifestyle because it’s just so easy and I feel and look amazing! My whole family has never felt better!
Juice Plus has been instrumental in helping my family stay on track with our clean eating lifestyle – helping us make those good food choices daily. Our immune systems are rock solid, our hair skin and nails are strong and healthy, our digestion is normal, we sleep soundly at night, and we have sustained energy throughout the day. I just can’t stop telling the people that I love and care about about Juice Plus!
Juice Plus is an easy #OneSimpleChange that I also recommend to all of my clients. If you’d like to make Juice Plus a part of your daily routine, I would love to help you get started!


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