Believe Me, I Get It!

In talking to a few new clients this week, I realized that a lot of you haven’t known me very long. You have only seen where I am now in my health journey.  Many of you may think that I can’t relate to where you are now, but believe me, I get it!  I have come a LONG way in my health journey over the last decade, and some of you don’t really know where I started. So I’m going to share my beginning with you today…

IMG_0868While I have never been over-weight, I can promise you that I have indeed been in the same health (or I should say lack of health) state that comes with obesity. My insides were unhealthy, my skin was unhealthy, my blood sugar was unhealthy…I was sluggish, frequently sick, had severe pms, no desire to exercise, didn’t like vegetables and hated to cook. I experienced food addiction and completely understand the feelings and struggles, the fears and utter overwhelmingness that comes with it. Before I knew anything at all about what it means to be healthy (or even cared), I was ADDICTED to sugar – all kinds of sugar – Mt. Dew, Reese’s Cups, Airheads, skittles, hershey bars, cake, cupcakes, red bull, etc…you name it and I was (over) eating/drinking it on a daily basis.  And I don’t just mean a couple a day…there was rarely a day that I drank less than 6 cans of Mt. Dew, and usually it was closer to 12.  I couldn’t make it through an afternoon without a candy car and/or little debbie snacks, and I ate candy ALL day.  The first thing I had in the morning was a Mt. Dew and some kind of sugary cereal or pastry, I had fast food for lunch almost every day and sometimes had it for supper too, and the last thing I had before bed was another Mt. Dew (I actually kept one on my bedside table!). I was NOT healthy. (remember that when you feel envy over the skinny girl that can “eat whatever she wants and not gain a pound”!)

When I was in the beginning, where I am now seemed SO far away.  And I didn’t always see a way for me to get to where I am today. When I decided to start making healthy changes, I was intimidated by others who had already made those changes, I was too proud to ask for help, and I was overwhelmed by all it would take.

There are 3 main things that helped me make the changes that you see today:

  1. My children were leading that same lifestyle and I could see the harm it was doing.
  2. I decided that I WAS WORTH all the hard work it was going to take to completely transform my lifestyle.
  3. The support and encouragement of like-minded people.

I am telling you all of this not to say “yay for me!  look at what I’ve done!”, but to say “I have been there.  I know what you’re struggling with. I want to help you and to show you a better way.” I absolutely do empathize, but just as I can say that I’ve been there, I can also say that I’ve done it!  I am in NO WAY perfect (in fact I am detoxing right now from a week of bad food choices while on vacation), but I am lightyears from where I started.  It didn’t happen over night, and it is a constant journey (LIFESTYLE), but I know that the journey, my family,  and I am SO WORTH good health!

YOU are worth it!  Don’t be intimidated by other people that you view as a standard, don’t be afraid to ask for help, and most importantly don’t get overwhelmed!  Remember that we can do this #onesimplechange at a time! I am here to encourage and support you if you will let me. Let’s do this journey together just #onesimplechange at a time.

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