Why I’m a Selfie Queen and You Should Be Too

Look around at any given location and I can bet that you’ll see someone taking a selfie (and most likely it’s me! 😉 ). We are definitely seeing the selfie generation! Have you seen the story about the sorority girls at the baseball game? The announcers just couldn’t wrap their heads around why they would be taking selfies and not watching the game. (I love the girls’ response by the way) And for as many selfies as I see posted online, I see just as many people screaming for us to stop (just like those baseball announcers).

Now while everyone takes and posts selfies for different reasons, I believe the selfie is a very powerful tool in self love and self acceptance.  I ENCOURAGE all my clients to take selfies (whether they get posted or not).  And I always respond to these selfie “haters” with the same thing – “there are worse things than someone posting a selfie because they think they are beautiful…like someone who isn’t posting a selfie because they think they are not.”

Everyone is beautiful and all beauty should get to be celebrated!  Instead of discouraging people that show the world that they love themselves, we should be applauding them.  How many people look in the mirror every day and hate what they see? What if that same person felt really pretty one day, or loved their hair that day, and decided to take and post selfie? Wouldn’t affirming them and cheering them on create more self-love? Maybe our affirmations help them see their true beauty and then they feel pretty the next day too?  At the very least, wouldn’t it make them smile inside to know that they put themselves out there and we liked it? All I’m saying is that I LOVE seeing everyone’s beauty on my news feed every day, and while there will always be nay sayers, I APPLAUD YOU (and join you of course!) and YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL my friends!!!

So, girls and guys, I want to see those selfies – edited or not, filtered or not, whatever makes you feel gorgeous! You never know who you might inspire. Keep on loving yourself because there are WAY too many people out there who don’t.IMG_1604

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