I’m Not Anti-Doctor!

I want to clear up something – I’m not against doctors! …or medicine for that matter. BUT I do think that we have the responsibility to take control of our own health.  I post a lot about that.  🙂 So I just wanted to share this quick post about why I share more about healing our bodies with food and less about what doctors to go see/medicine to take.


This graphic is from Dr. Mark Hyman (yep, DOCTOR 😉 ).  In America, I feel that our first response to any ailment is to go to the doctor, and to even ask for medicine (I mean, look at all the ads on tv telling us to ask our doctor about some pill!).  It makes sense because doctors are trained to treat. And medicines are created to solve a problem. But I just want us all to take a step back and look at our health in a different perspective…as if it’s up to us.

Food, and everything we put into our bodies, is SO powerful! And our bodies are AMAZING systems that can actually heal themselves if given the right tools. (WATCH THIS to learn more!!) What are those tools? Exercise, water, sleep and whole foods (mostly vegetables)!  When we give our bodies these things, we will get sick much less often, and when we do catch a little something, we’ll get over it much much faster.

Now this is not to say that we don’t need doctors/medicine. When you are treating your body with care (with the tools listed above) you will be able to listen to your body for cues. You’ll know that you’re doing all that you can to have a healthy body.  If something is off, it’s time to seek help from a medical professional. (Look for doctors in your area that are open to a more holistic approach to medicine.) And I am SO thankful for the amazing resource of Doctors and the advancements of Science!!

So, thank a doctor today! And take control of your own health by treating your body right every day.

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