Let’s Be Real

I LOVE visuals – did you know I was actually a professional photographer for 10 years? Images are powerful – they can inspire us, they can provoke us, they can sadden or anger us, they can excite us, they trigger memories – a picture is worth a thousand words, right? I’m super excited about a vision board party that I’m going to tomorrow night. Have you ever made a vision board? Why are they so powerful? IMAGES! The images that we put in our brains every day influence not only our thoughts, but our actions.  Having a visual in front of us that creates an emotional response is a great way to help us stay motivated to reach our goals! But, y’all, let’s be real! What images are we letting into our heads regarding our bodies?  Are they motivating us or creating an unattainable goal?

fitspoAre we filling our heads with images of a body ideal that is not truly attainable?  We all KNOW that the fitspo images we see in magazines or on the internet are taken at the best possible angles and most likely also photoshopped, but for some reason we still see them as something we need to work toward. I love images and I love being inspired by them!  But we’ve got to be real about bodies.  No body is “perfect”, and trying to achieve the perfection of the images in front of us every day can create a negative body image in ourselves.

f9cb8fe5912f81b8e76a4390bb37bf5dLove YOUR body! And work hard to keep it healthy.  Because I promise that no matter how thin or fit you become, if you don’t love your body where it is now, you won’t love it when you get there either. Think about it – why would you take care of, or make the best choices for, something that you hate?  If you decide to love your body for all the things that it can do, you’ll WANT to take care of it! I see moms all the time that are striving to get rid of that little pooch or stretch marks that they didn’t have before kids.  What if instead they celebrated those things – that body grew and birthed a human life!  That’s pretty amazing! If we LOVED that about our body, wouldn’t we want to take care of it? To make sure we kept it healthy and strong so that we could carry those kids and push those strollers and chase them in the park and jump and cheer for them at ball games…? YES!

realbodyAs a photographer I learned the best angles in which to photograph people, including myself.  And of course I use those skills when taking selfies 🙂 But I want to be transparent with my clients as well. I want them, and you, to realize that everyone has things about their bodies that they don’t like.  But we can choose to LOVE our bodies in spite of those little things. So yes, when I’m laying on my chair by the pool/beach I can make my abs look really flat, if I stand up really straight and flex my abs look really good too.  But when I sit up I have a little roll at the top and my stomach hangs over my pants a little.  And you know what? ALL of these are my real body! In all of these pictures I am healthy and fit – the only difference is the angle!  My body grew and birthed 2 amazing humans! My body can run and lift and dance!  I love my body and I want to take care of it! (p.s. I love selfies and I challenge my clients to take and post selfies often. Why? read: Why I’m a Selfie Queen and You Should Be Too)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post you may have seen floating around the internet too!exluwhz

So choose wisely the images you allow into your brain! Make conscious choices about what you look at for inspiration. Images are so so powerful!

If you are struggling with how to love your body as is check out my 4 week Body Positive Challenge, and take a moment to read this blog by Erin Brown (and subscribe to her!).

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