Don’t be THAT Holiday Guest

IMG_9364Over the river and through the woods…

I love the holiday season! With all the fun events, family gatherings, yummy food, gift exchanges and travel.  But I also don’t want to lose all sense of healthy and end up with lots of work in the new year getting back on track. Sticking to our healthy habits while traveling can be tough, and we definitely don’t want to be THAT annoying guest at family gatherings or holiday parties right?! So what do we do?

I’ve laid out a 5 step plan to help us keep up with some of our healthy habits and NOT annoy our friends and family.  🙂

  1. Move! Make room in your suitcase for those running shoes, and commit to getting in a workout whenever you can. Instead of asking for others to change their schedule around your normal workouts, try being flexible with when/how you workout. Maybe it’s a quick walk with the family after a great meal.  Or maybe you commit to getting up early on a couple days to get in a sweat session before others wake up. Or even taking a few minutes before bed to do some stretching.  Not only will this help combat some of those extra calories we are all consuming, but it’s a great stress reliever from those “difficult” family members.
  2. IMG_9510Armor Up! Even during regular non-holiday days it’s almost impossible to get in the recommended daily servings of produce.  It is recommended that we eat 7-13 servings of fresh, raw fruit and vegetables every single day. I’m all about simple, and I hit the easy button by adding in powdered produce. We can get the nutrition of over 30 whole foods in the Juice Plus+ trio of capsules. Plus I love to add in at least one shake a day with the plant-based protein powder from Juice Plus+ – it’s like liquid willpower with the way it helps regulate blood sugar plus tastes like dessert. During this busy holiday season (and all year long), what could adding in all that produce do for us? Only GOOD THINGS! I never leave home without them.
  3. Drink! Water that is. 😉 With all the fun holiday drinks, sometimes we skimp on that water intake.  I know I tend to drink way more coffee in the colder months, and I love a great holiday cocktail.  But these drinks are dehydrating, so we actually need to up our water intake when indulging in other drinks.  I love using a water tracking app on my phone.  It reminds me to drink water throughout the day and helps me know when I’ve hit my goal (that means cocktail time! lol).
  4. Cook! Instead of making special requests, offer to make a few dishes for a family get together.  Bring a healthy appetizer to a party. Try out a cleaner version of dessert with friends. When we are making things to contribute we have control of the ingredients. This way we can fill up our plates mostly with the things we know are good for us, and then indulge in the other things like side items.
  5. IMG_8887Relax! Eat your favorite holiday treats and savor them! Just like we know that one great workout won’t give us six pack abs, one meal or weekend isn’t going to derail us completely.  Take some deep breaths and remember to ENJOY the holidays. Deprivation is no fun for us or the people around us (hangry! lol), so just relax and remember that you can get right back to it when you get home.



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