Attention Moms: It DOES Get Better

IMG_9551I remember this day like it was yesterday. My smile may look pretty, but I was overwhelmed! My granny was in town, and we were trying to take a family photo for her. Riley was ALWAYS sick, and never wanted anyone else to hold him. He didn’t have his blankie for the picture, so he’s using his shirt and still sucking his fingers. You can see his swollen eyes and red nose. Randi is smiling, but getting so annoyed that all the attention is on her brother trying to get him to smile. She felt like this often.
This picture reminds me of so many days in early motherhood. That feeling of overwhelm & exhaustion and fake smiles. As mothers, we almost never feel like we are doing a good job, and the crazy standards to which we feel we are being measured are insane. We feel like horrible moms that are neglecting our children if we take any time for ourselves. So, we don’t. We run on no sleep, no shower, tons of coffee and maybe the occasional few alone time seconds locked in the bathroom with someone shouting “MOOOOMMMM!” on the other side of the door. Oh, sometimes we may have good intentions, but we always put ourselves at the very bottom of our to-do lists. You know, the spot on the list we just never seem to get to. We are left ragged, tired, filled with anxiety, but putting on that smile to let everyone know we love being a mom. I remember it well.

(Side note: can we all just support each other instead of being judgy moms please?! We are doing our best. And YOU are the perfect mom for your children, that’s why God chose YOU to be their mom!)

Moms, it doesn’t have to be this way! Taking care of ourselves is NOT selfish, it is NECESSARY. If we want to be the best moms, the best wives, the best boss or employee, the best friend, just the best women we can be, we HAVE to start practicing self care! When we take the time to take care of us, we have so much more energy to care for others.
If you are in this stage of motherhood, that “not sure I can make it until bedtime” stage, I want to give you a big virtual hug! It DOES get better. Not easier – I mean, let’s be real, hello other mothers of young adults and teenagers, am I right?! – but BETTER. And taking time for self care can make whatever stage of motherhood you’re in RIGHT NOW better too!
I want to lock arms with you and help you learn to take care of yourself WHILE taking care of others. I had YOU in mind when I started writing my brand new program MIND + BODY + SOUL where we will focus on creating a lifestyle of abundant health through body positivity, self care, mindset, community, food and movement. I am so passionate about the content in this program. The time to start investing in you is NOW! Enrollment for the January session is now closed. Next session starts April 1. Stay tuned for open enrollment.

2 thoughts on “Attention Moms: It DOES Get Better

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  1. Hi Heather,
    I was so encouraged by your TED Event, and pray that you will continue to use the gifts God has given you to share these truths with other moms and families. As a school psychologist, I was never comfortable encouraging medication for children until nutritional, environmental and other possible contributing factors had been ruled out. I believe that the work you are doing to educate others about the benefits of eating real food as God intended is of critical importance. May God continue to give you the strength and wisdom to do the work that He has called you to for such a time as this. CONGRATS!


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