MIND + BODY + SOUL Program

Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 2.51.39 PMIn this 4 week program we will learn to create a life full of abundant health, MIND + BODY + SOUL! With a focus on self care, mindset, community and body positivity, along with food and movement, we will be empowered to create healthy habits that help us reach our own personal health goals.

I’m so passionate about the content in this program and so excited about locking arms with women on this journey! This is my most hands on program yet – you’ll get full access to me via text, weekly 1:1 coaching calls, daily action items, as well as recipes to try and suggested workouts. AND my private yoga instructor created a yoga flow just for this program!

I want MIND + BODY + SOUL to be accessible to everyone, so I am offering this extremely comprehensive program for just $150! Due to the amount of involvement this program requires, I have a very limited number of spots available.

Enrollment for the April 22 session is now open.

What participants are saying:

“This program was very eye opening for me in helping to learn more about self-care. Hether provided awesome tools to help us focus in areas of our life that made me really stop and think. Journaling was my toughest.  I was afraid to write down all the negatives going through my mind about myself. 

Everything Hether shared did not end for me when the program ended. It was after the program that I was even more motivated! I was ready to believe the affirmations! Just be myself. The true me!  To stop caring what other people think. Be silly! Have fun!! That is who I am. Most people do not know that until I come out of my shell and get to know them. I needed to knock down the armor protecting me! 

I started being more mindful of the foods I put into my body. I now exercise 5-6 times per week. I look in the mirror now and really love me!! What a wonderful feeling! The affirmations finally soaked in and my mind-set is “I AM WORTHY!”  

Hether has amazing energy, motivation to help others be their best and just to be REAL!” – Rhonda

“I went into this program uncertain, but hoping for the changes that I so desperately wanted to make. What I came away with is the ability to love and accept myself and to make changes that are lasting. My thinking became different and my desires reflected that.

I didn’t beat myself up and make myself the enemy. Instead I learned to love myself enough that I wanted to nourish my body. I wanted to move. Instead of it being I have to exercise, I was able to see I GET to exercise. Instead of seeing food as a reward or punishment I saw food as a way to fuel my body and enjoy living!

Hether has made such a huge impact in my life. Starting from the inside out this caterpillar is morphing into a butterfly. Get ready to spread your wings!” – Jennifer

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