A Day in the {Plant-Based} Life

As a health coach, I work with people on finding the healthy eating plan that works best for them.  For me, that is being mostly plant-based. I get asked all the time to share my daily food.  And while I love this idea, I simply cannot commit the time it would take to document my food every single day. But I would love to give you an idea of how my day typically looks.

I absolutely love the simplicity of a plant-based lifestyle.  Roasting veggies or making a salad is so quick and easy, and if you don’t have time to cook, then you can just some raw veggies, or throw them into the blender for a smoothie.  You can’t do that with meat! The hardest part really is just changing our mindsets.  Most of us grew up with the belief that meat was the main dish and the veggies were small sides.  If we just start to recognize plants as the main dish, our plates will start to change. While I’m about 90% plant-based I do still enjoy eggs and fish on occasion. I’m definitely moving toward a completely plant-based lifestyle, but this is my current lifestyle looks like.

IMG_2386I start every single morning with a large glass of water and my Juice Plus+ capsules.  And on most days I also have a big smoothie.

I like to fill this smoothie with frozen fruit, fresh greens and add in some chia or flax seeds and a scoop of my favorite plant-based protein, Juice Plus+ Complete.

I really like a good, warm beverage in the mornings as well.  Some days it’s warm lemon water, which is great for a lot of things like detox and energy.  Other days it’s hot tea from my favorite loose leaf tea company, Shineworthy Tea. And other days it’s a hot cup of coffee with a splash of non-dairy milk (almond and cashew are my favorites).

I eat often.  Usually every 2-3 hours.  My mid-morning snack is usually a bowl of gluten free oatmeal, or sometimes eggs scrambled with veggies.

Lunch usually looks like a salad with fruit and nuts, or leftovers from the last night’s supper.  I like to make sure that I have all the macros with each meal: fat, carbs and protein, as well as some fiber, but I don’t count anything. Who has time for that?! I’m just aware of what is on my plate, and add something if it is lacking. A salad is an easy way to get all of that.  Another favorite lunch is summer rolls.  I LOVE the flavor of tahini dipping sauce, and summer rolls are a great way for me to get fresh peppers in, which aren’t my favorite.

Because I eat every 2-3 hours, I typically have 2-3 more snacks in the afternoon.  I like to have easy things that I can grab and eat at my desk.  My usuals are celery and peanut butter, an apple and some nuts like cashews or almonds, or pre packaged spicy guacamole and corn chips, carrots, grapes or a grapefruit and the very occasional tuna salad. I like to keep some of these super easy 5 ingredient mini muffins or these peanut butter honey oat bars on hand too for easy snacks.

The last snack is my pre-workout snack. I usually have a rice cake topped with peanut butter and a banana with a sprinkle of cinnamon. But I also LOVE to have plant-based raw cookie dough using my plant-based protein. Totally feel like I’m having dessert, but it’s good for me!

I also enjoy a fizzy beverage in the afternoons.  I stick with sparkling water and kombucha.  So glad I kicked the soda habit years ago!

My workouts are usually in the evening, so my supper is also my post-workout recovery.  If I don’t feel like cooking, I will totally have a second protein smoothie or turn that into a smoothie bowl.  I like my supper to stay heavy on the veggies, but also feel hearty.

The easiest meal is just roasted veggies.  Cut up whatever veggies you have on hand and toss in olive oil and salt. Roast them and serve with a side of rice. Adding rice as a side to any meal instantly makes it more filling.

I LOVE these sweet and spicy roasted brussel sprouts.

This veggie loaded black beans and rice is a favorite as well.

My husband makes the BEST lentil tacos, and we have those a lot too (message me for the recipe).

We also make a super easy, 3 ingredient, cauliflower soup from our Shred10 Cooking Guide (each month, my Shred10 participants get this amazing cooking guide full of info and plant-based recipes.).  It’s the yummiest, creamiest soup ever! Love to serve this with my favorite kale salad and a baked sweet potato with that soup.

Loading up a baked sweet potato is another super easy meal we have on repeat.

Whenever I go out to eat, I try to stick with veggies.  Sometimes I just order several sides.  But I also like to get salmon when I’m out because we don’t really cook fish at home.

IMG_2268A habit that I am trying to break is eating late at night.  I try to cut off my last meal 2-3 hours before bedtime.  But if I am really craving something, I’ll grab a piece of dark chocolate, or make a bowl of cereal (my fav late night snack!) or sometimes I even make the plant-based cookie dough. I do love a glass of wine after supper, but also try to reserve that for just the weekends.  I really like a red wine aged in a bourbon barrel!

Because I know that plants do really good things in our bodies, like REALLY good things, and that almost no one gets the recommended amount or variety of servings of fresh, raw and organic produce on a daily basis (not even plant-based eaters!), I am so thankful that I have the nutritional support of the Juice Plus+ capsules and shakes. I suggest all four blends of  Juice Plus+ , which includes a vegan full spectrum Omega blend, to all of my friends, family and clients!

I am also so very thankful for my aeroponic growing system, Tower Garden, that allows me to grow my own fresh produce all year round.  There is nothing like knowing exactly what is on my food and harvesting right as I need it.  Such peace of mind!

The best advice I can give to you is simply to add in more plants.  With each meal, find a way to get in more.  Start by reducing the size of your meat portion and upping the size of your sides portions. The more colors on your plate, the better!  And the more fruits and veggies that we add in, the less room we’ll have for the food that are not serving us.  I love the concept of the Reducetarian Movement.  Check them out for more tips on reducing your meat intake, and take the pledge to be a reducetarian today!


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