Delivering Positivity 2019

What happens when you decide that you are worth it?⁣⁣
Worth the time, effort and money to take care of your physical health…⁣

Worth taking that big chance to create the life you dream of…⁣

Worthy of love from others…⁣

When we decide that we are enough and WORTH a big, beautiful life, THAT’S when we step into our power. And girl, YOU ARE POWERFUL beyond measure!💪🏻⁣

At Delivering Positivity 2019, Sue Ann Cordell and I will empower you to KNOW your worth.

You do not want to miss this opportunity to invest in YOU at one of our girl’s weekend events! The first two dates are on sale now. Girl, YOU ARE WORTH IT!!


“Delivering Positivity” 2019 is an exclusive event just for women! We will begin Friday with a VIP party to celebrate YOU!

During the weekend you will hear from our dream duo – Sue Ann Cordell, Life Coach, Author, Speaker, Business Owner, and Hether Crawford, a highly sought after Fitness Coach and Wellness Expert. They will be sharing positive empowerment during a FUN weekend of encouragement about living life with purpose.

We are also excited to be partnering with Thistle Farms. The powder rooms will have a splash of their lovely soaps and lotions for you to sample.

SHINEWORTHY simply means the highest standard of excellence, and from the moment you arrive, you will experience a positive approach to life with music, motivational speakers, exclusive event shopping, laughter, relaxation and gifts.

The first two dates are on sale now, and we can’t wait to see you!!

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