2019 Goals

Are you being bombarded with media messages telling you that this is going to be the year you finally become enough to lose weight or get in shape? Let’s change the narrative!⁣

2019 can be all about ABUNDANCE: an abundance of self love, acceptance, being comfortable in our skin, positive talk to that girl in the mirror.⁣

Let’s move our bodies because we appreciate them, instead of for punishment. Let’s fuel our bodies with nutritious foods because we cherish them, instead of to restrict them. Let’s fill our brains with gratitude for our bodies, instead of hatred.⁣

Don’t fall for the media’s preying on our insecurities – loving ourselves, in a world that tells us we aren’t worth it, is a wonderful act of rebellion. Because you know what? YOU ARE ALREADY ENOUGH!⁣

Thankful for a community of women who encourage and empower each other in this thing called life. And so excited to partner with so many awesome men and women for our lifestyle program starting January 2. If you’re looking for a community to support your abundance goals in 2019, message me!⁣

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  1. Hey! I am not hosting any regular in person fitness classes at the moment, only special events. If you are looking for a bootcamp style class, I can refer you to a great one in the area tho!

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