Toss Your Scale

I do not weigh myself (and I encourage my clients to ditch their scales too!) but with this 30 day program I am doing, I am wanting to track every single result to have as a testimony, so I weighed myself. 

And then I weighed myself again. Then before I knew it I was weighing myself everyday. The scale can become such an addiction, even in a short time!

Last week I weighed in at 144, 147, 142 and back to 144. Those numbers fluctuate so much throughout the week because that’s NORMAL. Y’all we can fluctuate 2-5 pounds in ONE DAY. We eat, we have hormones, we retain water, we build up cortisol with stress, we fast overnight, etc etc…

If I allowed the number that appeared there to dictate not only my mood, but certain behaviors, and even my own internal dialogue, I would be a roller coaster of emotions. I could feel AMAZING, yet if I woke up and that number didn’t reflect what I thought it should, just like THAT I could lose all confidence. 

That scale number can fool us into believing no progress is being made or even worse, that our bodies aren’t good enough. 😣😔 THIS IS NOT OK.

If you can currently relate to this, please, please listen.

The scale alone can NOT MEASURE YOUR HEALTH. Never mind the facts that your weight can fluctuate +/- five pounds within the SAME day, and that muscle mass weighs more than fat per volume, and that I weigh literally the SAME AMOUNT NOW when compared to what I did when I began my fitness journey 10 YEARS AGO, even though my body composition has changed entirely. 💪🏻

The scale tells you nothing more than your relationship with gravity on this planet. THAT IS IT. You are so much more than a number on a scale — and you cannot, CANNOT afford to allow these things to impact your self-worth.

I understand it can be easier said than done to let go of these things, but this is work we MUST do.

Switch your focus to pure positivity. Focus on your HEALTH. If you’re a measurement person, then try measuring the number of pushups you can do, or the cups of water you’re drinking, or the positive affirmations you give yourself, or better yet, attempt to measure all the things your amazing body automatically does for you every single day. ✌🏻💜

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