Diet Culture is Ruining Lives

What have I learned in my 10+ years in the fitness industry? The only thing that matters is weight loss… if you know me, you know this is not what I believe. This has been on my heart a lot lately, and I wanted to share it with you.

When I first started as a personal trainer 11 years ago, I didn’t know the first thing about health. Oh, I could definitely help you drop some pounds by eating less and moving more, and I had a full client base with a waiting list all the time. But I had no idea what HEALTHY actually meant.

I ran a biggest loser program where the main focus was counting calories, working out hard, and weighing in each week. And people were losing weight. Some were losing a LOT of weight.

But I started to notice an alarming trend. These same clients that would come to me to lose weight, and absolutely lose that weight while we were working together, would come back after some time off and need to start the process all over again. They’d usually gained back all the weight I’d help them lose and then some. 

At this same time I was also researching nutrition to try and help my son with some health issues. As I learned more and more I began to realize that it wasn’t at all how MUCH we eat, but WHAT we were eating that could make all the difference. We made changes to what we ate and drank at home, and the results in my own family were AMAZING!

I was so excited that I started sharing what I had learned, and what my family was doing with others, and was even asked to share our story on the TEDx stage.

While a lot of my family and friends started to make these same changes, and notice similar awesome results, I noticed that only a FEW of my clients were applying what I was now teaching them. 

My fitness classes and personal training schedule were still full, but most were uninterested in the practice of eating for optimal health. They either thought they could out exercise their poor diet, or were only interesting in how to lose weight quickly.

As I began to transition to a more wholistic approach in my business, focusing more on mind, body and soul – things like stress management, drinking water, self love, getting sleep, body positivity, and eating more fruits and vegetables – more and more people only wanted the fitness classes. 

I’ve always quoted this saying “people will do ANYthing, ANYTHING, to lose weight…EXCEPT eat nutritious foods and exercise.” 

Y’all diet culture is ruining lives. Losing weight, gaining weight, losing it again, this yo-yoing is SUCH a dangerous trend for bodies. Extreme diets, biohacking our bodies built in systems, eliminating whole food groups, counting everything, pushing our bodies to their limit with no days off, living for the day we see the number on the scale change, letting that number on the scale determine our mood or what we’re allowed to eat that day, energy drinks, weight loss wraps, fat blocking supplements…NONE of these things will get you where you want to be!!!

Don’t get me wrong, you may get smaller. And you may THINK that’s where you want to be. But smallness DOESN’T equal healthy. And I can ASSURE you that smallness doesn’t equal happiness.

Losing weight doesn’t make you a better person. It only makes you lighter. It doesn’t make you smarter, funnier, kinder, more creative, more passionate, more determined or happier. It literally just. makes. you. lighter. ⁣⁣

I still get messages weekly asking if I can help them lose x amount of weight in x amount of time. And here’s the thing – yes. I CAN help you lose that weight. But if that’s ALL you’re here for, I’m not your girl anymore.

But if you’re looking for help creating an overall healthy lifestyle, one that will allow you to live longer, be more active, get sick less, and FEEL GOOD from the inside out, and yea, probably ALSO shed some pounds? Then yea, let’s make that happen together. Because y’all, YOU are worth so much more than a silly little number on a scale!

Thank you for letting my share my heart with you.

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