It’s Fall Y’all!

Well, not officially yet, but it's still pumpkin everything time!!! Today I made my first pumpkin smoothie of the season, and it was DELISH! I love when healthy tastes great! Vegan Pumpkin Spice Smoothie: 1 scoop Vanilla Complete Protein Powder 1/2 banana, frozen 1/2 cup frozen pineapple 1/2 cup frozen peach slices 1/4 cup pumpkin... Continue Reading →

Go Green at Every Meal

During my clean eating challenge groups, I focus a lot on getting in more veggies.  During the first few weeks of the group I always challenge them to eat a vegetable with every meal.  "Even at breakfast?!" is usually the response I get.  🙂 YES! Breakfast IS the most important meal of the day. #clichebutTRUE... Continue Reading →

Mint Tea

Start with a large bunch of fresh mint. I used mint straight from my Tower Garden, washed and cut up into mugs (one handful per). Add boiling water and steep for 3-7 minutes depending on how strong you like your tea flavor (covering your mug will allow it to steep). Add just a touch of honey... Continue Reading →


We all know that we need to increase the amount of fresh fruits and veggies in our diets, and today I want to talk about a super fun way to do just that - the smoothie!  Think about your day many servings of greens did you get? What about your kids? I know if... Continue Reading →

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