Join the Rebellion

I'm a rebel at heart. I'm also a total Star Wars nerd. lol But I'm not talking about fighting the First Order or the dark side, I'm talking about fighting against society's ridiculous obsession with a beauty standard that cannot be achieved. Everywhere we look we are being told that we are not enough -... Continue Reading →

That little voice in our heads…

That little voice in our heads telling us we aren’t skinny enough, pretty enough, fit enough, good enough...that little voice is our own. We would never talk to our best friend like this, but that’s because we love her. Some days we find ways to drown her out, that little voice in our heads. But... Continue Reading →

Let’s Be Real

I LOVE visuals - did you know I was actually a professional photographer for 10 years? Images are powerful - they can inspire us, they can provoke us, they can sadden or anger us, they can excite us, they trigger memories - a picture is worth a thousand words, right? I'm super excited about a... Continue Reading →

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