IMG_2284“I had reached a point when enough was enough with being out of shape, and although I had never worked with a personal trainer before, I knew I needed someone to make me push myself. More than one friend recommended Hether, and thank goodness they did. She knows her stuff! She has motivated me to do things that I didn’t imagine I could do, and she knows how to push you to your limit, but also recognizes when you have hit your limit. Every workout is tailored to you, and since working with her I feel so strong. She has also taught me about eating REAL food, and has given me the tools I need to lead a healthier life. Sign up! Don’t wait!” – Stephanie Kraft


“I’ve never had the privilege to train with Hether personally but she has provided exercise calendars and how-to videos for our online healthy living group and I’ve always been impressed. She can identify the right amount of tension between challenging/pushing someone along with encouragement to help them achieve THEIR goals. And the ENERGY she has…for real. She brings it each and every time. So whether she becomes your health coach, healthy living business partner, fitness trainer or “just” friend- you won’t be disappointed!” – Tracey Chapman


“Being a plus sized gal and getting back into shape the idea of a personal trainer was intimidating. What I love about Hether is the lack of judgement, her encouraging spirit and her contagious energy! She is helping me become a healthier, happier, stronger woman!” –  Jennifer Napier


“As a health-conscious person who dedicates her life to wellbeing, Hether is both a source of education and an inspiration to those whom she touches. That she cares so much and is personally invested in the success of her clients makes training with her an even richer experience.  I’d encourage anybody to try it on for size. Whether you’re at the peak of fitness, or starting the journey toward healthier living, there’s something for everybody at Hether Crawford Fitness. Truly.” – Cory Chapman


“It is my honor to say how much I loved having Hether as a personal trainer! Her one on one sessions are so much fun and at the same time you are getting a killer workout! She lives the life she preaches to all her clients. She is passionate about health and helping others meet their goals. She will motivate you and push you further than you ever thought you could go!” – Kayla McNicol


“Hether is an amazing trainer with such drive and passion for her clients that motivating and inspiring them comes naturally. Her nutritional knowledge and experience is superb. For those who are struggling with their weight or for those who are just wanting to improve their overall fitness, Hether makes you feel comfortable and helps you meet your goals with no judgement – just encouragement!” – Sue Ann Cordell


“Hether has been my trainer for several years. I use her for group classes and one-on-one training. The workouts can be grueling and intense, but I cannot tell you how great I feel the next day because I persevered. Even though she pushes me, she doesn’t push me beyond what I am capable of doing at that time. But we eventually get there. Hether also trains me to have better eating habits. As much as I sit and travel in my job, she has educated me on having healthier options. By planning ahead, you can find ways to eat healthier rather than relying on fast food or junk. Come try a few workout sessions and listen to Hether talk about eating healthier. Once you get started, you will not want to stop. I promise.” – John Allen


“Awesome personal trainer! Hether is very motivating and encouraging. I was amazed at how she was able to tell exactly how to adjust the workout based on how I was performing. Love that the workouts are varied to avoid boredom. Hether is also a wonderful health coach, providing the perfect amount of encouragement for both fitness and nutrition.” – Bobbi Tremper


“Knowing Hether has been a true blessing in my life. I became passionate about healthy living back in 2010, due to some personal health issues. I decided to make a change and eat more nutritionally, it changed my life for the better. When I met Hether, I thought, “Wow, she is the kind of person I like to have in my life”. She is so knowledgeable about nutrition and physical fitness that is astonishing!! Her easy going and welcoming attitude draws you to her. I am looking forward to keep on learning more from this amazing lady. She is the real deal everyone!!!” – Sarai Perez

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* Hether Crawford Fitness does not guarantee any specific results from our programs, as results may vary based on the time, effort and commitment that you invest into a health and fitness program.

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